Acadia is one of the most popular parks in the nation. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, Acadia has beautiful scenic views providing for the perfect picnic, bike ride, or hike. Make sure to keep reading to find out how Acadia can be your destination to having a perfect summer trip.

Cadillac Mountain

Standing at 1530ft, Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain on the east coast. This is the perfect location for those who want to experience some of Acadia’s scenic views from a higher perspective. Make sure to take the opportunity to see the sunset from the peak of Cadillac for some beautiful views of Acadia.

Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole is a perfect stop to witness spectacular waves and the sounds of the crashing ocean creates. If you come right at the perfect time, you will be able to witness to hear thunder like sounds from the crevices of the small cave. Make sure to stop by our small gift shop for a snack, cold beverage, or some Thunder Hole souvenirs.

Jordan Pond House

Within Acadia National Park, Jordan Pond House offers a restaurant and shop overlooking the beautiful Jordan Pond. Come join us for a fine selection of food and an opportunity for some amazing views as well. Our popovers and tea are a popular favorite and a must try experience here at Jordan Pond House.