Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country. With scenic views around every corner, it’s the perfect setting for an afternoon picnic, a bike ride, or a day hike. Explore some of the park’s main attractions: Jordan Pond House, Cadillac Mountain Summit, and Thunder Hole.

Please note: There is very little cell phone service or wifi available at most park locations. Please do not make plans that require cell phone service. Also, the Island Explorer Bus does not go up Cadillac Mountain Summit Road.

When using the Priority Seating tool, you may experience limited times and dates available. Reservations fill up far in advance and we encourage guests to book 2 – 3 weeks out.

For reservations questions please email – [email protected]

*Please note that this does NOT mean you are guaranteed at that time, however you will be at the top of the waitlist during that time slot.

Jordan Pond House
Cadillac Mountain
Thunder Hole


Please consider using the FREE Island Explorer Bus when visiting our locations. Parking can be extremely limited and is always in high demand during peak season. Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain and Thunder Hole are extremely popular locations that are not to be missed, as long as you plan wisely.

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