Science’s Perfect Storm 

The awe-inspiring spectacle of Thunder Hole beckons thousands of visitors to its dramatic rocky coastal setting. The resounding waves and captivating sounds of the ocean create an unforgettable experience. To truly savor the booming crescendo, timing and a bit of luck are essential, as the waves forcefully collide with the rocks, propelling water through a narrow crevice and into a small cave under specific conditions.  

The most pronounced spectacle unfolds 1-2 hours before high tide or in the aftermath of a storm. It is during these moments that the ocean’s energy is harnessed, producing a breathtaking “crack” of thunder.  

The waves here can be very dangerous, especially when storms are near, so please follow all posted signs and be sure to stay within the designated viewing area. 

Thunder Hole Retail Store

Built as the first ranger station in Acadia National Park, the Thunder Hole Gift Shop is your convenient and historic stop for all things memorabilia. Here, just steps away from the magnificent Thunder Hole, you can find cold beverages, snacks, apparel, and much, much more. Due to the building’s historic construction, we do not offer prepared foods at this location, however, prepared foods can be found at both Jordan Pond House and the Cadillac Mountain Eco Store. 
*Please note: the closest restrooms are not located within the store, but rather at the edge of the parking lot.

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