The spectacular waves and crashing sounds of the ocean at Thunder Hole draw many visitors to this dramatic location. You need luck and timing to best experience the thunderous sounds which occur when the waves crash against the rock and water is forced through a crevice and into a small cave. The sound of thunder is created as rushing water crashes against air trapped inside the cave. The noise is most pronounced 1-2 hours before high tide, or just after a storm. The waves here can be very dangerous, especially when storms are near. Please follow all posted signs and be sure to stay within the designated viewing area.

Our small gift shop here offers cold beverages, snacks, and a selection of t-shirts, caps, postcards and other souvenirs. There is no electricity at Thunder Hole, so unfortunately no refrigerated foods are available. This gift shop was the first ranger station for Acadia National Park. There are restrooms available for visitor use. They are located at the end of the parking lot, furthest from the gift shop.

GPS Coordinates

  • 44 degrees 19 minutes 15.53 seconds North (44 19 15.53 N)
  • 68 degrees 11 minutes 18.12 seconds West (68 11 18.12 W)
  • North American Datum of 1927 (NAD-27)
  • 460 meters above sea level

Thunder Hole Gift Shop

Operating Hours:
9am – 5pm May 3rd through October 17th


Please consider using the FREE Island Explorer Bus when visiting our locations. Parking can be extremely limited and is always in high demand during peak season. Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain and Thunder Hole are extremely popular locations that are not to be missed, as long as you plan wisely.

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